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Happy National Underwear Day!

Nothin’ like a little underwear fashion show to get you going in the morning.


OMG. OMG. OMG. Unveiling of Beckham’s latest pixxx

Good lord. Here’s a video showing the unveiling of David Beckham’s latest ad/porn for Emporio Armani.

Lots of screaming.

Have Barack Obama’s face next to your crotch

Andrew Christian\'s Barack Obama boxer brief
Andrew Christian’s Barack Obama boxer brief in green

Clothing designer Andrew Christian is selling Barack Obama boxer briefs on his site. Get ’em in green (kelly), queer blue (royal) or navy (navy).

Check out the $29 undies *HERE*

ALSO… just a quick heads up to everyone headin’ to Gay Days at Disney World next weekend: You can actually meet Andrew Christian at Urban Body in Orlando on Friday, June 6th from 7pm to 9pm. Info on the event is *HERE*, just scroll to the bottom of the page.

American Idol underwear dance off

The final pair (get it — *pair* … *UNDERWEAR*!! ha!) on “American Idol” did commercials for “Guitar Hero” that were inspired by the movie “Risky Business”. Check out the vids below, and comment on who did it better!

David Archuleta’s awkward boxer dance:

David Cook’s sexy underwear dance:

And finally, Tom Cruise’s original dance:

Doing the wedgie dance

Honey, if you need to “shake it out” that much — maybe you need to get the glue out of your ass. Seriously.

Check out this ad *HERE* from Hanes and watch as this girl tries to shake out a wedgie.