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Saturday Party Jam: Don’t stop the music (Save my soul version)

GURRRLLL… I’ve been playing this YouTube video nonstop for the past week.

The YouTube channel it’s posted on describes it as a “rare version live remixed by Pietro Salzano from It in Rome (4th January 2008)”. All I know is that it’s the shiznit.


13 divas singing together

The 13 most diva-licious female artists got together tonight as part of a segment for STAND UP 2 CANCER.

Check out the video of their performance here:

Who do you think stood out the most — other than Beyonce’s hair?!? What *was* up with that ‘do?

Attention Rihanna: Release this as a single

Rihanna — why haven’t you released “Breakin’ Dishes” as a single? Seriously girl, that song is HAWT.