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David Archuleta official video for “Crush”

Check out David Archuleta’s official video for his single “Crush” — hotness!


BREAKING: David Archuleta releases new single ‘Crush’

David Archuleta!

Check out American Idol David Archuleta’s debut single “Crush” *HERE*

Like it? Love it? Hate it? Comment below!!

David Archuleta on Regis & Kelly

Here’s “American Idol” runner-up David Archuleta on today’s “Regis and Kelly” singing some song about angels.

I love angels too! My favorite angel is a dancer down the street at the strip club. His name *is* Angel.

American Idol underwear dance off

The final pair (get it — *pair* … *UNDERWEAR*!! ha!) on “American Idol” did commercials for “Guitar Hero” that were inspired by the movie “Risky Business”. Check out the vids below, and comment on who did it better!

David Archuleta’s awkward boxer dance:

David Cook’s sexy underwear dance:

And finally, Tom Cruise’s original dance: