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Saturday Party Jam: Don’t stop the music (Save my soul version)

GURRRLLL… I’ve been playing this YouTube video nonstop for the past week.

The YouTube channel it’s posted on describes it as a “rare version live remixed by Pietro Salzano from It in Rome (4th January 2008)”. All I know is that it’s the shiznit.


Saturday Party Jam: Anything Britney Spears!

So, officially Britney Spears will open the MTV VMA’s tomorrow night. Ah!! Starting chanting… Britney… Britney… Britney…

Of course, there was also this “leaked” video circulating everywhere online yesterday. Rumors were floating around that its a dance rehearsal for the VMA’s.

Check out a story about Britney opening the VMA’s *HERE*

What do ya’ll think — will Brit-Brit make her big comeback on tomorrow nights VMA’s? I guess we’ll have to turn in to find out…

Saturday Party Jam: 9 to 5

In honor of Labor Day weekend — this Saturday Party Jam celebrates the workplace! Work it Dolly!!

Saturday Party Jam: Wig in a Box

Today’s Saturday Party Jam comes from the trannylicious movie, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”. Enjoy “Wig in a Box”!

Saturday Party Jam: Mercy

Here is McMuffy Ms. Duffy jammin’ out to “Mercy”. Everytime I hear the “yeah, yeah, yeah” I just wanna make my body do sexy dance time

Saturday Party Jam: Just Fine (DJ Dave Pellot remix)

GUUUURRRLLLLL… Every time they play this DJ Dave Pellot remix of Mary J. Blige’s “Just Fine” in the club — I just wanna D-A-N-C-E!

Check out DJ Dave Pellot’s web site *HERE* where you can download all sorts of remixes
Check out DJ Dave Pellot’s myspace page *HERE* for other remixes

Saturday Party Jam: American Boy

This song has definitely been the party jam of summer ’08 for me and my groupies (what up Ms. J!!). It’s “American Boy” by Estelle featuring Kanye West. Enjoy!

My favorite part:
Dressed smart like a London bloke
Before he speak his suit bespoke
And you thought he was cute before
Look at this P Coat, tell me he’s broke