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“Big Brother 10’s” Jessie: Body builder + hair dresser!

I’m not saying *all* hair dressers are gay… *BUT*… body builders that know their way around a flat iron are — in my book — pretty gay.

Case in point: Jessie Godderz from Big Brother 10. Just a few minutes ago on Showtime’s “Big Brother After Dark”, I caught Jessie helping this lady flat iron her hair.

For more on Jessie’s body building past — check out’s blog post *HERE*

Here’s the evidence!!

Jessie from Big Brother works the flat iron

Jessie from Big Brother works the flat iron


Hot guy in a speedo

Matthew Mitcham getting ready to get soakin' wet

From comes a fab little story on openly gay/ Olympic diver/ Aussie Matthew Mitcham — check out the full story *HERE*

You know I’ll be wearing my speedos in support of Mitcham!!