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Happy National Underwear Day!

Nothin’ like a little underwear fashion show to get you going in the morning.


Neil Patrick Harris is a shoe fairy!

This video is actually a preview of Season 39 of Sesame Street. The season kicks off August 11!!!

Thanks to Ms. E for the fabulous tip. If there’s something you think I should share with the readers, shoot me an email:

Crocs are totally cool and fabulous!*


From comes this fashion report on everyone’s fav footwear — CROCS!!! Check out the report *HERE*

Here’s an ad for Crocs. Don’t let them fool you! Wear Crocs and you’ll be sitting at home *alone* on a Friday night!!

*If you’re a tourist and/or a 10-year-old girl

Have Barack Obama’s face next to your crotch

Andrew Christian\'s Barack Obama boxer brief
Andrew Christian’s Barack Obama boxer brief in green

Clothing designer Andrew Christian is selling Barack Obama boxer briefs on his site. Get ’em in green (kelly), queer blue (royal) or navy (navy).

Check out the $29 undies *HERE*

ALSO… just a quick heads up to everyone headin’ to Gay Days at Disney World next weekend: You can actually meet Andrew Christian at Urban Body in Orlando on Friday, June 6th from 7pm to 9pm. Info on the event is *HERE*, just scroll to the bottom of the page.