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Chick licks parts of a hotel room

This video showing a chick licking parts of a hotel room — yes, even a TOILET — is hot!

It’s part of an ad campaign form Extended Stay Hotels. For more videos, including one where she licks gym equipment, click *HERE* and then click the hotel key. Wowser.


Double your pleasure with Chris Brown

Finally — the Doublemint commercial featuring Chris Brown has hit the internet:


Sharp-eared pop-music fans may have noticed a brief reference to an old chewing-gum jingle buried in “Forever,” Chris Brown’s top-10 hit. “Double your pleasure/double your fun,” the R&B singer croons in the chorus.

What listeners don’t know – and what Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. was revealing last week – is that the song is a commercial.

“Forever” is an extended version of a new Doublemint jingle written by Mr. Brown that will begin airing this month in 30-second spots for Wrigley’s green-packaged chewing gum.

Check out the full story *HERE*

Life Lesson: Don’t put it in your mouth!!

Without a doubt, the best PSA on the internet. Children — always ask an adult before you put it in your mouth!!!

Don’t forget our *FIRST* life lesson ;)

OMG. OMG. OMG. Unveiling of Beckham’s latest pixxx

Good lord. Here’s a video showing the unveiling of David Beckham’s latest ad/porn for Emporio Armani.

Lots of screaming.

Pick up Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s BIG MO at H E BUTT


H E BUTT GROCERY! HA! told you about Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s BIG MO candy bar months ago and now we would just like to point out a fun little fact. Who knew you could buy the BIG MO candy bar at H E BUTT GROCERY. Don’t you just <3 it??!?

After a little searching, H E BUTT GROCERY is actually H-E-B GROCERY. But we prefer to pick up our BIG MO’s at H E BUTT.

While you’re shopping at H E BUTT GROCERY, be sure to pick up some H E BUTT TEABAGS to use in this peachy iced tea! With some peachy flavored vodka, these don’t sound too bad…

“Sex and the City”: The movie review

ARE YOU EXCITED??!?!!?!?!?!? AHH!!!!!!!!! We here at HOTHOTMESS.COM are counting down the days to the big opening night of the gay-vent of the year… the “Sex and the City” movie!

Here is Variety’s review:

American Idol underwear dance off

The final pair (get it — *pair* … *UNDERWEAR*!! ha!) on “American Idol” did commercials for “Guitar Hero” that were inspired by the movie “Risky Business”. Check out the vids below, and comment on who did it better!

David Archuleta’s awkward boxer dance:

David Cook’s sexy underwear dance:

And finally, Tom Cruise’s original dance: