About The Mess

Hey ya’ll. Glad you found this site.

It’s just a journal of my adventures online and in South Florida. Enjoy the ride.

Why HotHotMess.com? Let’s just say… I was bringing the hot messyness before *THIS CLIP* came out!

Mr. HotMess

P.S. This site has no connection to my day job. Just wanted to point that out to the readers. :)


4 responses to “About The Mess

  1. omg. i was a little scared of that link. especially at work. *whew*

  2. tenthredemption

    hey there. i found you randomly tag surfing and see that you live in south florida. so do i. do i know you? lol.

  3. Good blog. When you get a chance check out my blog http://discovalante.wordpress.com

  4. Hahahah I saw this sign a few months back and took a picture of it too!!! I was just thinking about it and googled it to see if anything came up and here it is!!!

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