David Archuleta official video for “Crush”

Check out David Archuleta’s official video for his single “Crush” — hotness!


2 responses to “David Archuleta official video for “Crush”

  1. Unfortunately whether leaked intentionally by Jive or by someone else, it has been taken off the internet but should officially come out on either the 12th or the 15th.

  2. This video complements the song perfectly. It will have appeal to David’s fans in the tween/teen set, as well as the older fans. Jive has shown respect for the person and the artist that David is – they haven’t tried to shoehorn him into an image that runs counter to who he is… that’s part of his appeal – … the shy, humble, sometimes awkard but extraordinarily talented teenager on the cusp of manhood…. for that I am grateful. Kudos David – WELL DONE ON YOUR FIRST VIDEO. Your foot is in the door now, and this video will open it to a much wider audience than you could ever have IMAGINED…. Your fans are proud of all you’ve accomplished in this past year, and are behind you all the way.

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